Disciple Making @ Lifepointe

A key part of our mission at Lifepointe is to make disciples.   We have adopted Dann Spader's 4 Chair Discipling as our template to help people through this lifelong process of becoming more like Jesus.   


Come & See

Disciple making begins in a relationship with Jesus.   We invite people to Come & See who Jesus is and what he is all about.   It is an opportunity for people to ask questions and investigate the claims of Jesus.

The ALPHA Course, outreach events and regular invites to our Sunday worship gatherings are great opportunities for people to Come & See.

Live & Learn

The second chair in our disciple making process is where new followers of Jesus can Live & Learn what it is like to walk like Jesus.   People learn the basics of their faith including the heart and habits of Jesus.


In order to help people in this process, we have several opportunities to grow.   The ALPHA Course and the study Walk Like Jesus are great places to start.   We also encourage people to get involved in a small group to start building relationships with other followers of Jesus.



Mature & Grow

The next step in the disciple making process is to help people Mature & Grow in their faith.   This third chair helps people to find their identity in Jesus, taking them deeper into a mature and growing faith.


Helping people to learn how to study the Bible and discover their spiritual gifts are key to this chair.   The study Live Like Jesus is a key component in helping to Mature & Grow. 


Invest & Invite

Invest & Invite is the fourth and final chair in our disciple making process.  At this point the emphasis is on helping people learn to share their faith with others.   This includes family, friends and others that God has placed in their circle of influence.


Learning different ways to share and show our faith along with investing time in the lives of others is essential.